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Vendor Manager

I created this section with the intent to provide you with all the information you need to make a thoughtful decision on whether or not I have the right profile to start a long-lasting collaboration with your translation agency.

I regularly work with translation agencies that choose my profile because of my specialization.

(Rest assured: this information is up to date!)

Enrico Antonio Mion

Freelance Italian translator

& post-editor


Quick Look

Translating since


Post-editing since

2015 (over 150,000 translation units!)

Language combinations

  • English to Italian

  • French to Italian

Specialization & working fields

  • Sports translations, namely Cycling and Running

  • Tourism, eCommerce


  • Translation

  • Machine Translation Post-Editing

  • Proofreading


Translation Degree from Aix-Marseille University

& University of Ottawa 


SDL certified - Trados Studio

level Advanced & Machine Translation Post-Editing

CAT tool of choice

SDL Trados Studio 2021

Professional Translation Association

Member of Société française des traducteurs, the French translator association, since 2018


Cycling & Running

  • Translation of marketing content and technical materials // blog articles, social media messages, press releases for dealers and consumers, catalogues, manuals, websites, component descriptions

  • Subtitle translation // e-learning courses for bike technicians

  • Extensive knowledge of e-bike systems

  • eCommerce translation // product descriptions of sports equipment for various disciplines and brands


  • Post-editing of machine-translated content // e-learning courses for travel agents, e- commerce products of various categories

  • Post-editing of machine-translated and human-translated content // hotels and apartments descriptions

  • Machine engines used // Google Translate Toolkit and CAT tool-integrated engines (SDL Language Cloud)


  • Freelance translation and localisation of product descriptions containing essential information about the product // technical // required both an accurate terminology research and the ability of choosing the right word to drive more traffic to the website

  • Translation of the 2016 Tagged furniture catalogue // tv sets, sideboards, bookshelves, dining tables)

Major Skills

  • Proper management of various projects at the same time

  • Respect of deadlines

  • Able to follow guidelines

  • Cycling expertise

  • Post-editing expertise


Visit my LinkedIn profile for a comprehensive career background, portfolio links and more.

University of Ottawa (Logo)
Aix-Marseille Université (Logo)
SDL Trados Studio (Logo)
SFT (Logo)

More About Cycling​

First Project

Translation of bike components and repair parts -mainly road bikes - to be sold through Amazon. These translations were technical and required the use of the right terminology while assuring that the product could be easily found online.

Major Projects

  • On-going freelance collaboration - Translation of marketing content such as blog articles, social media messages, press releases, catalogues, and websites. The cycling disciplines involved are road, mountain-bike, and gravel, including e-bike systems for urban cycling and mountain biking.

    • The translation of blog articles and websites requires the use of transcreation to convey the same message in a way that sounds natural and familiar to the Italian reader. Likewise, for the translation social media messages I have to respect the character limit set by Facebook and Twitter - here as well, special attention is given to transcreation, rather than translating word-for-word.

  • On-going freelance collaboration - This freelance collaboration consists in translating online learning materials for bike technician. The workflow involves the translation of subtitles and exams, a post-correction phase where I double-check the corrections made by the dealers, and a phase of subtitles revision meant to confirm they are in sync with the video and they don't exceed the limit of characters per subtitle.

    • ​Being intended for an audience of cycling professionals, these translations are highly technical. Nonetheless, the character limit requires to be creative and find a solution to shorten the Italian translation while preserving its core concept.

  • Occasional freelance collaboration - Translation and revision of cycling manuals for various brands. Manuals, more than other content, require consistency in terminology use and writing style. I always take care of these projects with the use of SDL Trados Studio, which helps me integrate any terminology databases and translation memories given by the client.

More About Machine Translation Post-editing (MTPE)​


Since my first machine translation post-editing (MTPE) project for the tourism industry, I been offering MTPE services mainly for this industry. At times, I work on projects for other industries, as long as the MT output is of fair quality. My work consists in medium to heavy post-editing of content pre-translated by the client/translation agency and post-edited within SDL Trados Studio. I rarely worked on projects that required light post-editing, but thanks to the various courses I have completed regarding MTPE, I know how handle each scenario while meeting the level of quality required. I know the limits and the advantages of post-editing, its history and its latest technology advancements, such as neural machine translation (NMT).

So far I have post-edited over 150,000 translation units!

First Project

I have been collaborating directly with since 2015 to help them localize their hotels and apartments descriptions. This project consists in post-editing a mix of human and machine-translated text through Memsource (previously Google Translate Toolkit).

Major projects

  • On-going freelance collaboration - Post-editing of training materials for travel agents working for one of the largest companies in the travel industry. This project consist in post-editing machine-translated content within SDL Trados. I receive the pre-translated text and I take care of the post-editing. This is heavy post-editing with the strict implementation of the terminology provided by the end client.

  • Occasional freelance collaboration - Light to medium post-editing of content that varies from company guidelines to terms and conditions. This post-editing is done within SDL Trados Studio.

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