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In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.

My plotting and planning resulted in the creation of a brand-new website. It was time for me to give a fresh look to my old one. I am beginning my fourth year of freelancing and I now have a clearer idea of my skills and motivations – translating to empower people live healthier lifestyles and to promote eco-consciousness.

I looked at the bigger picture and realised that on a daily basis money matters, of course, but it cannot be a motivator. I consider less important to reach my daily, weekly or monthly sales goals than the nature of the translation projects I work on. For instance, I don’t mind working on the translation of an e-bike manual at a rate lower than my “ideal rate”, but I refuse well-paid projects that go against my morals, like the translation of a manual for fossil fuels extraction. I don’t loose anything, but rather gain piece of mind knowing my translations will have a positive impact on people and the planet.

I really hope my newly designed website delivers this message. The most important section, the Shop, is not open yet because I am refining it. I want this section to be the backbone of the website. I am making sure it truly shows that I put morals before money. I also want it to offer solutions for like-minded entrepreneurs.

The opening of the Shop represents a new chapter in my freelancing career, a chapter that I compare to springtime. If this article speaks to you, visit the Shop page and leave your e-mail address – spring is coming soon.


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