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Newsletter - December 2018

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

It's time for the semestral update!

During the past six months I spent a lot of time on becoming GDPR compliant and on switching to Office 365 Business Edition. Both of these changes increased the level of data security I offer to you. As you can see, my email domain is now @eamtranslations.net... Continue reading to find out more.

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- Enrico

Major Projects I Worked on

• I am finally working on recurrent projects for the running industry! Being a runner/trail runner, this is a dream come true.

• Several project for the cycling industry (dealer newsletters, MTB, e-bike, e-MTB and road bike) are still keeping up with the pace.

• I am currently working on a large translation project about slow cooking recipes. This is the first time I translate for the food & nutrition industry - so far I am really enjoying it!

• Machine translation post-editing of content for the tourism/travel industry doesn't seem to slow down either.

Continuous Learning

• Last November I attended the one-day seminar Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in translators & Set up of an ergonomic workstation, which taught me that having an active lifestyle is key to preventing all kind of desk-related pain.

• I also took several webinar on how to use Office 365 Business Edition. I chose to make the switch to Office 365 Business Edition to offer a greater privacy protection through encryption and storage of data within the European Union.

• Finally, I took the Post-Editing Course offered by TAUS. This helped me improve my post-editing skills and have a better picture of the current state of the post-editing industry.


• Alas, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies also to small businesses like mine. I have been working hard to be compliant, leading to several organisational changes. For instance, the only data that I store outside of the EU is the data needed to run my website - even the email service provider I use to send this newsletter is now based in France. Furthermore, all my documents are encrypted and protected via password to ensure the greatest level of security. ⚠️ And finally, to prevent spam and allow encryption of all my conversations, my domain name will change to @eamtranslations.net as of January 1st. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact me.

• Along with other members of the Société françaises des traducteurs, last September I celebrated the International Translation Day in Montpellier, and a few weeks ago we got together in Nice for the last meeting of the year 2018.

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