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Badminton: Same Workout, Less Effort

Good new! Thanks to the semi-marathon training I am following, which is a heart-rate training, I am increasing my endurance in all other sports I play - now I know it for certain.

Badminton workout before the semi-marathon training:

Notice how irregular my heartbeat was, with several ups and downs between Zone 3 and 4, with Zone 3, the green one, being the highest.

Badminton workout after 4 weeks of semi-marathon training:

During yesterday's training, instead, I barely entered Zone 4 (yellow) and worked out mainly in Zone 2 (blue). The average heartbeat went from 147 bps to 128 bps!

Alternating sports and exercises is great for improving your general performance. So don't stick to one single sport, and remember to have fun!

Did you notice similar improvements in your training as well? Let me know in the comment section below!