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Fitness Tracker: First Weeks

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

It's been now a few weeks since I have been wearing a Polar A360 and I can finally tell you more about it.

Graphics & Statistics

I knew I was going to love these! I can finally see all my training sessions in the form of graphics and track my progress. The Flow website is well done and gives more detailed information compared to the Flow App, that I only use to sync all my activities, which are automatically uploaded and can be seen online...

Polar profile overview

Monthly overview

Badminton, track & field, cycling, jogging, and running: for all these sports, I find the Polar A360 very comfortable. It doesn't move and the gesture that turns the display on without having to touch any button is very useful and works every time. Of course, I use this gesture a lot more when running to check my heartbeat and other stats.

Did it changed my lifestyle?

Yes! I never went jogging before, for example, but now, to reach my daily goal, I jog for the amount of time I need to. In fact, I do my best to reach the 100% of my daily activity goal, and for now I have been doing pretty well.

Since we're talking about jogging, which is like running but at low speed, let me tell you how I started enjoying my running sessions even more. Why? It's simple; now I go running leaving my mobile phone at home and without using any running app. This means taking a break, literally. No more armbands, no more distance, pace, lap, and time stats that eventually become stressful if you're really into improving your performance (or not). I am talking about the I am running slower than yesterday! or let me try to see if I can beat my best time today type of things. We've all been there. I am not a professional runner. I just want to live an healthy life. You might say that you can turn the notifications off for the running app, and that the Polar A360 can give all those stats as well, but now I look at them only when I am finished running, and I enjoy my running sessions like never before.

Besides this, I also love the fact that after an hour of sitting down (and I am sitting down for most of the day), the tracker vibrates and tells me to move – I get up for a while every time! You would do the same if you knew the health hazards of sitting down like the one mentioned in this article, wouldn't you?

Lastly, another "significant" change affected my mornings. I am talking about the silent alarm, which I love. I get waken up gently, without the classic, loud sound we all know very well. For me it works very well.

PLUS: Running programs

On the Flow website you can create a running program that suits your needs. Mine is for a semi-marathon I run in March, and the training program starts next week. I can't wait to see how it goes! :D

Don't hesitate to follow me on the Polar Flow website and let me know how you keep fit in the comment section below.