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Polar A360 – First Impressions

It’s been exactly 4 days since I bought a Polar A360. Here are my first impressions of it. If you want to see more features of the Polar A360, watch the video at the end of this blog post.

Small and classy

As soon as I unpacked it, I realized that it’s not as bulky as I thought it was. My wrist is pretty skinny, and I hadn’t worn a watch since ages – I was pretty worried about me not getting used to having it on my wrist, and I was even more afraid that it just looked big. Instead, as soon as I unpacked it I noticed that it’s actually smaller than it seemed. I am not yet 100% used to having something on my wrist 24/7, but as I said, I’ve been wearing it for only 4 days.

Easy to set up

The first thing I was asked to do was to plug it to my computer via USB. From there, if you don’t have a Polar Flow account, it guides you through the various steps to create one. You enter all your information (sex, age, height, weight), set your daily activity goal, and you’re pretty much ready to go.

Simple to use

The tracker has a touch screen, only 1 button and 3 icons (plus Time). The essential, really.


Is it call 360 because you can wear it while doing any sport? Maybe. I love to be able to choose up to 20 sport profiles. The sports you choose, of course, will appear on the Polar A360 screen, too. When I’m about to start my training session, I touch the Training icon, pick the sport I'm about to do and go.

Easy to sync

The Polar Flow app for Android and iOS lets you synchronize your activities via Bluetooth. There’s no need to plug cables, and it’s pretty handy when you finish a swimming session, for example. By the way, you’re not supposed to plug-in the USB cable if the USB port is wet from water or sweat.


All the information and statistics about training sessions can be found online or on the app, and are pretty good. I like the activity summary feature that tells you the benefits of each session.

... and how much time I have spent sleeping, sitting, standing, walking and playing sports (see upper section of the image below).

Custom running programs

I didn’t know that Polar offered running programs! You can pick one for a 10k event, a half-marathon or a marathon. I will participate at the Run in Marseille half-marathon in March, and I really needed some coaching. I have run 10k races before, even 15k races, but never a half-marathon. I really needed some sort of weekly program, and I finally have created mine through the Flow website. My running program will start in two weeks. I will let you know how it goes :)

Other things I like about the Polar A360

- the Do not Disturb button

- the silent alarm (it wakes you up vibrating)

- the Time to Move notification (I receive it pretty often, and I do get up)

- the Inactivity Stamp, that you receive if you don't get up after a Time to Move notification.

Things I don't like about the Polar A360

- I wish it had built-in GPS.

To know more, here is a good video review:

Are you considering buying a fitness tracker? Or do you already have one? Let me know in the comment section below.


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