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Machine Translation


Language Combinations


English to Italian, (Other).


Word Packages


From 5,000 to 50,000 words.


Post-Editing Rate


Starting at €350 (€0,07 cents per word) - volume discount.

We talk about machine translation when the text is translated by a computer. Machine translation is not a replacement for human translation. Although, by editing, modifying and correcting a pre-translated text, the output becomes a viable alternative, notably for the translation of large volumes of content.

Should you choose post-editing over translation?

You should definitely consider opting for a post-editing service if:

  • You have a large volume of content to translate in a relatively short amount of time

  • Your content is repetitive and regularly updated

  • Your content is intended to be used for a very short time (user-generated content such as email, FAQs, reviews).

What are the disadvantages of Machine Translation Post-Editing?

Machine Translation Post-Editing cannot match the quality of a traditional translation.​ If your content is intended to be published for marketing purposes (websites, newsletters, press releases), it needs to be translated from scratch by a native, professional translator so that it engages with the reader.

Therefore, machine translation post-editing is not recommended for:

  • Customer-facing content (marketing materials)

  • Content that needs absolute accuracy

  • Complex content.

Is post-edited content SEO friendly?

Search engines like Google consider unedited machine-translated text as auto-generated​, so its ranking is penalized. Human translated text associated with an international SEO is ideal solution for the best SEO results and ROI. Alternatively, intensive post-editing could become in handy, but the style and the accuracy of the content will be compromised. Intensive post-editing could also be less cost-effective.

By submitting a request you agree to the Data Protection Policy.



For this service I post-edit the output offered by SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation, an automated translation service offered by SDL, a leading provider of language services. For now I only offer the English to Italian language combination because engines are not high-performing when dealing with French to Italian.


Machine translation is a viable option only for certain types of documents. Your request needs approval.


The unused words can be used for a future MT post-editing project, with no time limit. There is no discount offered to word repetitions.


I reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason.


Don't hesitate to contact me for a personalized solution.



Words cannot be exchanged with another service. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the translation I delivered, just contact me and I will offer you a free translation review and/or editing, or a refund if my translation is reviewed by a professional and considered to be of poor quality. I am confident it shouldn’t come to that.



Processing time: All requests are sent to me for verification right after the order is placed. I receive your translation request, review it, and get back to you as quickly as possible to obtain or give you further information.


Delivery time: Delivery varies according to my schedule and the document complexity and length. I strive to satisfy your desired deadline to the best of my ability.



The post-editing request you submit is not a binding contract. If we come to an agreement, it is to be considered a Purchase Order. This could give you the right to take advantage of a special rate, if applicable. I will get in contact with you to complete and confirm your payment.


You will not be charged as long as we have not come to an agreement.

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