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The language industry is as fierce and cutthroat as the world of competitive sports, and for that you are going to want the most specialized translator available. As a freelance Italian translator, I have forged a proven track record of success by working with some of the best brands leader in their industry, such as and Amazon.

For the translation of your web content, you want to find a resource that understands the basics of SEO and knows how to search and place keywords to increase the visibility of your business on the Italian marketplaces.

“Enrico is a good translator, motivated, curious, intelligent - recommended.”

François Jaouen, New York Habitat

“A great professional to work with: Enrico always delivers top quality translations on time, has a great brand knowledge and is always extremely responsive.”

Daniela D'Amato, Novilinguists

“Enrico does everything you expect from a professional translator and a lot more!”

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