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Hourly rate of €40.

In Italy, e-commerce is one of the markets with the greatest potential. Compared with foreign markets, in 2019 it shows a strong performance with a double a digit growth rate of 18%, bringing in €41.5 billion in revenue.


In this context, Amazon represents a high potential platform if you want to sell products and generate revenue on the web, but you need to be visible on the market. If you do business on Amazon and you wish to start selling your products on the Italian marketplace, or you have already set up your Italian listings and wish to optimize their performance, I can help you reach your international SEO goals by:


  1. Reviewing the products you are currently selling or wish to sell on Amazon, either on your home country marketplace or on the Italian marketplace

  2. Studying your direct competitors offering within the Italian marketplace to determine the keywords used in your industry

  3. Running an Italian keyword research

  4. Creating of a list of Italian keywords to apply directly within the translation process of your Amazon listings (titles, bullet points, description, and A+ content), and ultimately help you increase visibility and conversion rate.

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This services is based on an hourly rate (1 hour minimum) and does not include the translation of your web content or listings. I offer this as a separate service, which can be requested when submitting a request for Keyword Research. I am not responsible for the future performance of your web content or listings, as this varies according to multiple factors, such as website structure, website coding, link building, URL optimization, meta descriptions, and more.

Don't hesitate to contact me for a personalized solution.



If you are not satisfied with the quality of my Keyword Research, just contact me and I will offer you a free review and/or editing. I am confident it shouldn’t come to that.



Processing time: All requests are sent to me for verification right after the request is submitted. I receive your Keyword Research request, review it, and get back to you as quickly as possible to obtain or give you further information.


Delivery time: Delivery varies according to my schedule and the complexity of the keyword research. I strive to satisfy your desired deadline to the best of my ability.



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